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We don’t list homes…we sell them.  This isn’t just a motto, it’s our identity.

Too many agents call themselves “sales people”, when in reality, they know nothing about sales.  At Pivach Properties, we implement our own proven process when selling a home. The process includes:

  • Customized Business Plan
  • The Four “P’s”
  • Accountability Reviews
  • Proven System

Customized Individual Business Plan

SWOT analysis   A SWOT analysis

(Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) is a common business practice used to specify the objective of a business venture or project and identify the internal and external factors that are favorable and unfavorable to achieving that objective.  Since we treat the sale of every property as its own small business, we take those same principles and apply it to your home’s business plan.  A SWOT analysis acts as the foundation and ensures that our efforts are based on a measurable strategy that will result in the achievement of your goals.
Marketing Matrix/Plan 

A Marketing Matrix or Mix is a method of creating a strategic marketing plan based on the 4 P’s or C’s of marketing: Price, Product, Place and Promotion OR Cost, Consumer, Convenience and Communication.  In real estate sales, the 4 C’s tend to have more meaning as 2 of the P’s (Place and Product) are mostly out of the seller’s control.  Through the matrix, we identify the best practices and procedures to use when marketing your home to consumers.  One of the biggest mistakes that agents make today is trying to market each home the same way…a mansion is not a condo, so they shouldn’t me marketed the same way.
Focused approach on TCG 
Identifying your home’s TCG (Target Consumer Group) is a key step in designing your home’s business plan.  In fact, it is the one step that all others rely upon.  Pivach Properties has developed a method of determining your homes primary TCG based on a combination of: the homes features, market conditions, moving trends, and other external factors.  By targeting the right consumer from the beginning, we will sell your home faster and for more money than any other agency…period.
Outlined action plan   

Every good general knows that no battle can ever be won without a good plan of action.  Based on the final business plan for your home, we create a plan of ACTION that will provide a roadmap for executing our objective of selling your home.  You will receive, and agree to, your home’s action plan to be followed by regular meetings where we will discuss the results of our efforts and adjust accordingly.

Accountability Through Pre-Scheduled Performance Reviews


We believe that the key to a proper home sale is constant communication, which is why our clients are always the most informed when it comes to selling their home.  Before your home goes on the market, we pre-schedule regular performance reviews to update you on your home’s activity and what your agent is doing to ensure a sale as quickly as possible.  This is your opportunity to stay engaged in the selling process and plan accordingly for the next step…moving.

The Four “P’s”, not Three

Most agents follow what we call the "3P's" of real estate:
  • Put a sign in the yard
  • Put the house in MLS
  • Pray for someone else to sell it
We implement the 4th "P", which is Prospect for a buyer!

Every day, we spend 2 hours prospecting for our listings before anything else…this is why our conversion rate is so high.  Most agents are trained to take 100 listings in the hopes of selling 10.  It’s a numbers game that leaves you, the client, at the mercy of fate…not fortitude.

Proven Systems


You expect to see gimmicks when you’re shopping for a bar of soap…not a real estate agent.  We offer direct service to our clients based on facts, figures, and measurable statistics.  There are plenty of realtors who are great at selling themselves, but that’s usually where their skills end.  We provide you with the service of a professional who knows how to analyze a product and present it to market in the best possible manner.  Please do not misunderstand, our agents are natural born sales people, but they have the business acumen to deliver the results you need.

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